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About Us

Reusable. Stay green.

Established in 2010, B-Diff started small, however with very clear mindset. We aimed to create bags that reflect local influences, of good quality, environmentally friendly and last. Today, B-Diff continues to grow and we are proud of what we have done so far.

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What We Do

Think. Create. Reuse.

Good Bag

A good bag prevails and it lasts. We believe a good design should go hand in hand with a good bag. We give lot of thoughts into our design and the quality of our bags. We want our bags reflect local values and lives.

Environmental Friendly

We believe in reusability. Our daily lives should be based on what is good for the environment. Our responsibility is to convey and remind everyone the importance of reuse your bag in your daily lives.

Our bags

Designed for people who think forward.

Fill in the blank Bag

Black Canvas Bag

Heavy Duty Canvas Bags

Singapore in Chinese

Fill in the blank Bag

Blank tote bag

We are proud because our clients are happy.

Balance for MSIG Banner turned tote bags for Subway Dance Festival for Esplanade

Looking for bag customization? We are here to help. No job is too big or too small. Our mission is to help you create the bags you want. We have worked for a great number of clients. With our past experiences, we will ensure your satisfaction with our services. Drop us an email and we will take it from there.

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